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Exotic Pet Veterinary Care

"Exotics" include a large array of animals that usually refers to any household pet other than a dog or cat.  Exotics typically include animals from the following animal classes:  mammals, birds,  reptiles and amphibians.

While Dr. Weiher is not an exotics specialist, he has accumulated a significant amount of  experience treating these types of animals over the past 25 years.  Within the past year Dr. Weiher has treated the following animals as patients: 

African Grey Parrot, Amazon Parrot, Chicken, Cockatiel,  Cockatoo, Conure, Dove, Duck, Eclectus Parrot, European Starling, Finch, Goose  Macaw, Parakeet
Chinchilla, Ferret, Guinea Pig , Hamster,  Rabbit, Rat, Sugar Glider
Bearded Dragon, Box Turtle, Diamond-backed Terrapin,  Iquana, Leopard Gecko, Red-ear Slider, Sulcata Tortoise

Many of the health problems seen in exotics are caused by basic husbandry problems such as incorrect diet or improper housing conditions.  To avoid similar problems it is critical that an owner research the husbandry requirements for the pet they are considering before obtaining one.

While many exotics make good pets, owners who haven't researched the needs of their future pets may be surprised to learn that the cute 10 inch iquana that they are considering can grow to be five to six feet long, or that the pretty Amazon Parrot, which has a life span of more than 50 years, could potentially outlive them.


The following are useful websites for exotic care:

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